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​ Along with our regular sale Saturday July 31:

25 Home Raised Charolais Cross Cows 2 yrs-SS; 18 will be Pairs

2 Charolais Bulls

25 Fall Calving Black, Tigerstripe, and Hereford 2nd calf Cows(8 are Registered Hereford Cows bred to Ultra Black Gene Trust Bulls

​27 Black or Mixed Cows 3-5 yrs old bred to Brangus Bulls


Selling your cattle with us?  Send us photos and we'll advertise on our website/facebook.


EVENTS:  Saturday July 31, 2021

​​Annual Sales:

  • Pre-Conditioned Stocker Feeder Sale Tuesday, , 2021 @ 1 PM.  No comingling or shrink on weight.

  • Annual Black and Tigerstripe Sale Tuesday, February,  2022 @ 1PM.